In the beginning of 2019 the astronomer Alejandro Borlaff and a team of researchers at the Instituo de Astrofisica de Canarias in Spain published "the deepest image of the universe ever taken from space." It was stunning, because it revealed what lived in the dark spaces of the previous "deepest image of the universe ever taken," the similarly-stunning-but-not-once-you've-seen-the-new-one Hubble deep field photo that got popular in 2012.

Part of what awes you about those photos is that they more clearly reveal the impossibility of comprehending the scale of the universe. Every nook of darkness has something in it when you look deeper. And wherever you look, you can always look deeper.

This is the ethos at Bathysphere Music, and this is why we are capable of saying that if it is related to music, we can get it done. We have an enormous range of professional experience in virtually all aspects of music making (composition, music editing and post production, concert production and artistic planning, live performance and sound, performing arts management, booking, publishing, marketing, distribution, and even academia).

More important than our experience, however, is our approach. While we offer a number of services entirely in-house (mainly the composition and music editing/post-production stuff at our downtown Los Angeles HQ), we recognize that our greatest strength is our community. Dr. Nick Norton founded Bathysphere Music in 2020 as a vehicle for projects with his vast-yet-tight-knit network of producers, musicians, engineers, sound designers, venues, filmmakers, equipment vendors, publicists, copyists, writers, teachers, and other music professionals, in all genres. We rely on Nick's network to make our projects phenomenal.

If there's something in music or sound we haven't done before, we know who to talk with—or who will know who to talk with—to make it happen. We love exploring. That's why we named the company Bathysphere Music. The deeper we dive the more we discover, and the more we can accomplish together.

In service of our philosophy, we are using money from SBA PPP loans to ensure that our employees have free health insurance and a retirement plan. Even our contractors. Our starting pay is $30 an hour, rising over time to a maximum salary based on an internally developed globally-indexed 1907 Australian wage standard. Our maximum suggested work week is 30 hours. Employees set their own schedules and earn profit share over time.

People need a living wage, and governments are no longer capable of pulling this off.

This philosophy also makes things easy for our clients, because they have one friendly point of contact to handle all of their musical needs, and because we don't waste money we're actually cheaper than other music services companies. Usually for way better service. But, you know, feel free to hire SER instead and watch you gig get ruined by their cost cutting.

We make music happen, top to bottom, from seafloor to stars. Click here to climb aboard.